About us

Travail and Prevail Revival Movement (non-denominational)

We are people who are very hungry and desperate to see revival and God’s fire fall upon us,our family,our Church,Nation of Sweden and our World,through our travailing prayers and passionate evangelism.

We tend first & foremost to humble ourselves before God in fasting and travailing prayers,seeking His face,deep repentance and obedience with great assurance to prevail and see God pour out revival.

In this hour of darkness,the only hope for us,Sweden and our World is revival and fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit and we are deeply committed to laying down our time,resources,pursuits,and our lives for this purpose,knowing we serve a lovingly and faithful God.

You are welcome to Revival Prayer Meetings,if you share this same burning passion with us and we are also open to partnership,as God leads us for His Glory!


2 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Thank you for reblogging my post – “The Foundation for Revival”. I came here to check out what you’re doing. It’s great to know that there are believers around the world praying fervently for revival. I’m standing with you in that. May God continue to bless and increase your ministry.


    1. Thanks Nick, for checking out my blog and for encouragement.I was so blessed reading from you.Please keep up the good work until Our Lord comes whom shall reward you faithfully.
      Yes,nothing but true revival is the dire need of the hour!


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