So What?

God Is God,and never a man.Whatever God has said,He will surely bring to pass.Lets remember God’s time is always the best!!!

Experiencing The Lover Of My Soul

“God gave me so many promises” – So what?
“It’s been more then 7 years since He told me these things” – So what?
“I am tired of waiting on God” – So what?
“Why aren’t these things being fulfilled yet?” – So what?
“I look foolish after I shared these things by faith with others” – So what?
“Not sure I have strength to believe I hear correctly anymore” – So what?
“What if I’ve been wrong all along?” – So what?
“It hurts to pray about this any longer” – So what?
“Maybe I am going crazy” – So what?

So what? God is not in a hurry nor obligated to prove or explain Himself. God is secure and confident in His own Word and in the works of His hands. I am encouraged to hear of others who have waited for God’s Words to be fulfilled for…

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