Snow Job The Deception

Not all that glitters is gold……….Lets beware of deception in this crucial times!

My Dreams and Visions

I had a Dream 03/21/2015 where I saw the sun go behind a small cloud. The cloud was dark as therefore the sun was hidden behind the cloud and a shadow was cast on the earth. Then, as if somebody was using a paint sprayer, snow began to be sprayed from this cloud and I saw it blanket the earth. Snow covers things it falls upon. Freshly fallen snow leaves the land look white, clean, and pristine. I remember when I used to live in the northeastern United States as a kid and I used to love how the snow covered everything, even ugly things and trees without their leaves and left them white and beautiful looking.
However, in this dream the snow coming from the cloud was deception. It covered what it fell upon and made it look white and therefore clean. Also of note was the fact that…

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