Strange News: Mysterious NASA video of Saturn reveals impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than planet Earth

Lyn Leahz


Note from Lyn Leahz: Illuminati comes to mind.  Nephilim. Serpent seed.  I added a video at the very bottom by L.A. Marzulli for more information about that.

(NaturalNews) Here at NaturalNews, we normally report on Earthly events, but right now some rather grand events are taking place in our solar system that you may want to know about.

Check out what NASA’sCassini spacecraft first noticed in 2007. There is a large rotating hexagon circling the north pole of Saturn. Visit the NASA webpage that explains all this at:


This isn’t some conspiracy theory. It’s not some sort of far-fetched interpretation of random organic structure. It is quite clearly a massive hexagon, and it’s circling the north pole of Saturn as we speak. And by “massive”, I mean this hexagon is larger than the planet Earth.

Straight from the NASA website: “This is a very strange…

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