There Is Hope!Let’s Press In for Moreeeeeeeeee!!!

Gradually coming back to blogging again after a short leave of absence.The spiritual atmosphere is getting more intense and prophecies are been fulfilled rapidly in our time. This year has been the best year so far,by His grace I have witness God’s mercy,grace and power in different situations and occasions. Really God is on the Move!

During the Easter period,about fifteen (15) of us left our homes to the countryside for 3 days to do Esther kind of fasting and prayers (no food,no water).There we experienced and encountered God in different ways, despite all the attacks thrown at us by the enemy. Some of us had dreams and visions of angels and the spiritual realms.During a prayer session a person had a vision of Jesus and was instantly healed of asthma of many years,sleeping problems and depressions was healed, just to name few things that the Lord did for us over there. And the impact of that spiritual exercise is still be felt.Hallelujah!

In the summer,I happened to attend a revival gathering in Nuremberg,Germany,where we were about 25,000 thousand people from different nations for an Awakening Europe conference hosted by Ben Fitzgerald and Todd White. And for the first time in many years,I saw thousands running,crying and eager to receive our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.It was such a glorious moment,how I wish that the whole world could turn to Jesus our Messiah just like that.  On the Saturday we went out on the streets to preach and pray for people,where we saw many people  healed of various sicknesses and diseases. The truth must be told that,the field is ripe for harvest.People are longing for something more which only Jesus can give. Awakening europe first day link:

Since coming back from Germany during the summer,a group of us have been going out on the streets,in our region in Sweden,with tangible results to show for it. About 10 souls have given their lives to Christ,countless others have been healed of different ailments and sicknesses,all in the name of Jesus. I must confess that,this is a big miracle that more people are opening up to the gospel and to our Lord Jesus Christ.All Glory be to God!

Whomever you are and wherever you are,be encourage because God is on the move all over the nations .Despite the darkness that covers the land and the gross darkness the people,yet it is still time for you and I,to arise and shine forth the light and glory of God,Isaiah 60:1.We are now in a special season for the greatest revival that will shake the foundation of nations,GET PREPARE!


Author: travail2prevail

t p=R Called by God to raise-up men and women of prayer in this generation and a heart toward passionate evangelism for the end-time revival and harvest,motivated by deep love for God and people.

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