God will do it again


Right now there’s revival going on in the realm of the spirit shortly before Jesus comes to rapture us home,why not be part of  it. God is moving again, awakening hearts.There is personal revival still going on.

There is an opportunity for true revival before us this season, for those who haven’t experienced it, may you seize and utilize this opportunity.

Let us awake to the reality on the ground that nothing more than true Holy Ghost revival can change things around for the best, both in the church and the world around us.

God will do again what He did in Azusa street and even more,I believe that this revival will be so unique to the Glory of God.Get prepare,for God is doing it again!

Watch this and let your faith for revival be stir up both for your personal life and your city.




Author: travail2prevail

t p=R Called by God to raise-up men and women of prayer in this generation and a heart toward passionate evangelism for the end-time revival and harvest,motivated by deep love for God and people.

4 thoughts on “God will do it again”

  1. Yes Tony,your dream is true.Right here,we are witnessing personal revivals,lives of different people be revived and turnaround.But the BIG one that will shake our cities and land is at the door about to break-out soon.

    Lets be patient and expect it anytime.God Is on the Move!


  2. It will come .. and at the same time it still depends on us. What I understand it, God wants our participation: The sooner we as Christians get united in prayer for revival, the sooner revival will come.


  3. Thanks Jon,I strongly agree with you.God really wants our participation,according to 2Chro.7:14,it’s stated there,that if we do our part God will also do His part. Charles Finney also said,”A revival can be expected when Christians have a spirit of prayer for revival”


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