Revival in the land


Right now there’s revival going on in the spirit shortly before Jesus comes to take us home,why not be part of  it. God is moving again, awakening hearts.There is personal revival going on. There is an opportunity for true revival before us this season, for those who haven’t experienced it, may we seize and utilize this opportunity. Let us awake to the reality on the ground that nothing more than Holy Ghost true revival will change things around for the best, both in the church and the world around us.

Jesus had to wept over Jerusalem because their time of divine visitation came but sadly they missed it. So therefore if we don’t want our city,church or ourselves to miss what God is doing and wants to do,we have to wake-up and make use of the opportunity for revival that God is offering us shortly before Jesus comes back again to rapture His (bride) ‘wise virgins’.

God is on the move and is bent on accomplishing His purpose. But history has showed that in almost every move of  God,the enemies of our soul and of our Lord have always stood to oppose it with his dirty tactics. And today is no different… nevertheless the counsel of the Lord it shall stand.The devil knows that a true Holy Ghost revival puts him and his cohorts on their toes and gives him a lot of jobs to do,that’s why he tries to fight against revival from happening or spreading out.

Billy Sunday said in Indianna 1922,”the Devil hates a revival but he is dead stuck on the attitude that some preachers and members take toward it: to try weaken the hands of those who are trying to make headway against the Devil; to discourage others from uniting their efforts and influence”.

Despite that we have an enemy who doesn’t want the Will of God ”Revival” to break out fully and be sustained in our lives and churches, yet permit me to say that we are our greatest enemy. God has given each and everyone of us free will to make a choice. And God cannot intrude into our free will and not even the devil has the right,unless we let him. Yes God is on the move to revive us,yet we still have to make a choice if we want it or not.Just like salvation God wants to save all but the choice is always left to the sinner if he/she wants to be save or not by accepting or rejecting Jesus. God cannot force His Will on anyone,if He knocks and the door is opened He comes in and if not, He doesn’t  force it open. Nonchalant attitudes towards revival from Christians is a stumbling block that should be taken out of the way. Seems so many Christians  don’t care for revival (God’s will) to be done, rather they care for their business, jobs, politics, career, families and so on. May God help such Christians because they are playing with their lives and eternal destinies and that of their children and generation.

Watch this video to the end,and be encourage to seek God for true revival for your life,family, church,city and nation.





Author: travail2prevail

t p=R Called by God to raise-up men and women of prayer in this generation and a heart toward passionate evangelism for the end-time revival and harvest,motivated by deep love for God and people.

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