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This is a blog that wants to challenge,inspire,motivate and stir up people hearts to focus on change and revival in their personal lives first,family,churches,in this Nation and the world around us in general.

Our slogan is travail and prevail brings Revival or simply t+p=R,where t is travail,p is prevail and R is Revival.

If we must see revival in our days,we need to wake up from our sleep and slumber,lets say enough is enough.Not only take the bull by the horn but carry the whole bull.We have to take full responsibility of what happens and the spiritual atmosphere around us.

In 2oo9,I had a divine vision where God showed me this Nation(Sweden)as a Being kneeling down in need of prayer and darkness was around her,and a door was opened for me to come in,with a bible in my right hand.Hence I was led by God to start praying for Sweden since then and to raise up praying men and women,because He wants to bring His light and revival.This prayers have been going on in our home but recently (2months ago) I got a prophetic word from a visiting Prophet from U.S. called Ron Burhoff (close friend of Bob Jones) whom I have never met before and who didn’t knew about the prayers,and God used him to speak to us concerning the past and what’s ahead.Hence God spoke to me and my wife about bringing the prayer meetings out to a public place and specifically directed us to a Church,whom we approached and they rented out the venue to us for free.It’s not about us,it’s all about HIM,the ANCIENT OF DAYS. God is set to revive us,individually and as a Nation but we should play our part by humbling ourselves,turning from our wickedness and travailing in prayer before the throne of Grace.

Isaiah66:8b..For as soon as Zion travails,she brought forth her children.Have you see a woman that wants to give birth without wanting to go through labor/push/travail,thats means she is not ready yet and she ‘s calling for her death.So many of us want to see change and revival but we don’t want to pay the price through travailing prayers,maybe we want God to take all the responsilities(to do our part and His part) IMPOSSIBLE?

If you are reading this right now,God has send me to tell you that He wants to revive you but you should play your part first and He will give you the revival that you need.

Later in my blogs,I’ll be telling you the part God wants you to play.Keep an eye here!

Elijah for T&P


Author: travail2prevail

t p=R Called by God to raise-up men and women of prayer in this generation and a heart toward passionate evangelism for the end-time revival and harvest,motivated by deep love for God and people.

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