Trying To “Fit In” ?

Thanks Tony for sharing,it’s time to stand out from the crowd and be the ‘real and unique person’ that God created and call us to be in Christ.We must divorce fear from our lives,be determine to make a difference and lasting impart in this world and be ready to face persecutions, oppositions,tribulations,challenges when it arises.

My Dreams and Visions

The Lord showed me a vision today 12/10/2014. In the vision I saw a church building in the form of a puzzle. There was a piece of the puzzle piece missing towards the base of the puzzle and I saw the piece trying every which way it could to try to fit in but it couldn’t. The Lord then dropped this into my spirit. “I didn’t create you to fit in so stop trying”. It is odd that this puzzle had a missing piece but the piece that I assume was mine did not fit.

This is what religion does, it makes people fearful of standing out or doing anything different than the crowd even if the crowd was/is wrong. It’s the fear of not fitting in that keeps many of men and women of God chained to a system that they don’t believe in.

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