Wind of change

The Wind of change is still blowing…dear people queue in to what God Almighty is doing in our days!


As far as the sun shines,one thing that will always remain is change.Change is the only constant thing under the sun.Right now in the spirit there’s a wind blowing,and it is the wind of change.And its velocity will keep on increasing as the year goes by before the Lord comes.I see status-quo broken,dividing walls falling down,lives gloriously transformed,great shaking taking place and things are not going to remain the same,both on the positive and negative sides.We serve unchanging God who changes all things,who desires to bring change into our lives because of  His great love for us and for our soul in particular.

It’s so nice to see that many people wants to see a great change on a larger scale in our society,I like that also, let the change begin from you and me.Someone once said,..”be the change you want to see in others”.

As far as God is concerned there’s no life…

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